The End Of Our Times

The End of Our Times is an upcoming tactical role playing game set in a dark fantasy world facing its own apocalypse. Witness the fall of civilization as you, a baron of a crumbling kingdom, try to lead a weary band of refugees from one campsite to another, keeping what hope there is left alive.

As you experience the grim tale of Viktor Rothburg, combat will be a constant fight for survival, as your wounds and losses cannot be undone. Arms and stout men to hold them are of finite supply on the paths you travel. Not all choices can lead to success, for there is little room for mistakes, and paths chosen earlier can spell doom later.

The End of Our Times builds upon the legacy of role playing games with turn based tactical combat. It features living gameplay different on each playthrough, as the world around you is affected by your choices and actions. Players will experience a rich and challenging story, and a deep combat system designed by strategy- and role-playing game veterans and professionals.

The game also features a profound multiplayer dueling mode, where players will gather a band of weary heroes and soldiers from many different races and cultures in the spirit of tabletop skirmish games, and fight against each other for survival and glory in a vast array of scenarios.

The End of Our Times is set to be released in 2018.


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